How to Participate in the Live Stream:

To be able to participate in our Live Stream activities, please make sure your Instagram is not private, sign-up as our member and follow our Instagram account

  • Store Snap & Share

Visit our store and make a purchase during the Live Stream, follow @everbestID Instagram account, take a picture and post the picture to your Instagram (don’t forget to tag us!) to get a chance to win a pair of shoes.
One winner will be announced on Monday, 15 July 2019 (Week 1) & 22 July 2019 (Week 2) via Instagram.

  • Social Media Photo Sharing Contest

Repost our picture posted with a “GIVEAWAY” in the caption on your Instagram Feed (not Instagram Story) to get a chance to win a wallet.
One winner will be announced on Monday, 15 July 2019 (Week 1) & 22 July 2019 (Week 2)  via Instagram.

  • Store Highest Spender

Be our member, make a purchase in the stores on our Live Stream schedule. The highest spender will get 1 million worth of our Gift Voucher.
One winner will be announced on Monday, 15 July 2019 (Week 1) & 22 July 2019 (Week 2) via Instagram.

  • Social Media Give Away

Like and mention 3 friends in the comment section on our picture posted on July 12, 2019 with a “GIVEAWAY” in the caption. Comment as many times as you like. Nine winners will be generated using random comment picker generator and announced on Monday, 15 July 2019 via Instagram Story.

  • Store Live Stream Quiz

Visit our store and engage with us during our Live Stream to get our exclusive goodie bag with a product and vouchers inside. Winner will receive goodie bags on the spot!

  • First Member to Visit the Stores

Early bird gets the worm! Be the first 10 Everbest members to visit our store during our Live Stream schedule and get a special goodie bag with a special item and vouchers inside.


  1. Promotion is only available during 11th July – 12th August 2019

  2. Promo applies only on selected items included in the P1G2 promo.

  3. Free item will be applied to the lowest priced item. Only valid for one order. 

  4. The steps on how to shop can be seen on

  5. Promo cannot be used in conjunction with other promos.

  6. Purchased promo items cannot be returned.

  7. Purchased promo items cannot be exchanged.

  8. Shipping time is approximately 10 business days, due to the large number of orders, there might be minor delays in delivery time.

  9. has the right to cancel the transaction if it is not in accordance with the terms and conditions.

  10. If any available product/s received are not in good condition and replacements are out of stock, Everbest will refund in the form of E-voucher code for the same amount of the product/s returned. There will be no refund in the form of cash.

  11. By joining this promotion, customers understand and agree to all the rules applied.

  12. Terms and conditions may change at any time without prior notice.


  1. Promo berlaku hanya pada tanggal 11 Juli - 12 Agustus 2019.

  2. Promo berlaku hanya untuk item-item tertentu yang termasuk dalam penawaran P1G2.

  3. Item yang gratis adalah item dengan harga terendah dan hanya berlaku untuk satu order.

  4. Langkah-langkah pembelian yang lebih jelas dapat dilihat di

  5. Promo tidak dapat digabungkan dengan promo lainnya.

  6. Barang promo yang sudah dibeli tidak dapat dikembalikan.

  7. Barang promo yang sudah dibeli tidak dapat ditukar.

  8. Waktu pengiriman sekitar 10 hari kerja, karena adanya sejumlah besar pesanan yang kami terima, kemungkinan akan ada keterlambatan dalam waktu pengiriman.

  9. berhak membatalkan transaksi apabila tidak sesuai dengan syarat dan ketentuan yang berlaku.

  10. Bila stok produk yang ada/diterima dalam kondisi yang tidak baik dan produk pengganti sudah tidak tersedia lagi, maka Everbest akan mengembalikan dana berupa kode E-voucher dengan jumlah yang sama, sesuai dengan yang telah dibayarkan. Tidak ada pengembalian dana tunai.

  11. Dengan mengikuti promo ini, pelanggan dianggap mengerti dan menyetujui semua aturan yang berlaku.

  12. Syarat dan ketentuan dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu tanpa pemberitahuan sebelumnya.